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Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall
Is your home built on land that is more suitable for sleigh riding than installing a pool? Designing and crafting a retaining wall may be the most attractive option to manage slopes or grade changes on your property. They beautify organized gardening or planting areas and sleekly separate passageways from landscaping, while creating more level areas on your property. A retaining wall can also be a beautiful accent to outdoor steps.
Planning and installing retaining walls for any purpose is one of MMR’s specialties. Each homeowner has a different reason for considering a retaining wall, and this can result in vastly different structural requirements—height, strength, and length, and these requirements can influence the choice of wall materials. MMR has built retaining walls using natural stone, preformed concrete, and even wood ties, each of which has different characteristics in terms of durability and how the materials blend into the landscaping. Ask MMR for a consultation on how to best use their retaining wall expertise for your landscaping needs.

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