Custom Fire Pit

Driveway and Paving

Hardscape & Design


Curbs & Sidewalks


Retaining Wall

Low Voltage Lighting

Hip to be square (almost)

Do you have a small backyard and are looking to maximize your space? We have solution for you! This backyard now has a moderate sized 17'x 15' patio ready for entertaining friends and family. The Product used was EP Henry Bristol stone pewter blend with color tech with a charcoal cobble border laid on Gatorbase.

Telfair project

220 square-foot patio. 6 foot u shaped retaining wall using EP Henry’s terrace wall block also in pewter blend. The patio is outlined in Cambridge, brick Alley in coal color.

Neighborhood Driveway Takeover

Asphalt repair and replacement? Check. Full paver design or partial paver insets? Absolutely. Grading and drainage? You bet. Stone edging? Our specialty!

Walk with me!

Who notices walkways? Your visitors do! Especially if it is in disrepair. Walkways are generally the first feature visitors see after leaving the driveway. Think of your walkway as an elongated “welcome mat”! Walkways serve many other purposes. They are important drainage structures to keep water away from your home’s basement or foundation. They also visually separate the plantings adjacent to the house from stretches of green lawn.